Nutrition journalist Lisa Maxbauer Price is the author and photographer behind the book Squash Boom Beet. She spent 10 years in
New York City working as a magazine editor before moving to the Midwest. She currently contributes to multiple national publications, writing on health, nutrition and parenting.

She is a contributor at First for Women magazine and has blogged for The New York Times. She currently lives in Northern
Michigan with her husband and three sons.

Lisa is also the owner of Blue Bay Books,  a boutique publishing company focusing on books that inspire and educate readers, while celebrating the natural gifts of the environment. Located in picturesque
norther lower Michigan, on the shores of Lake Michigan, Blue Bay Books was founded with an appreciation for the land. Blue Bay Books prints its books, whenever possible, using green-initiative certified, sustainable printers in the USA. These printers utilize soy oil inks.

High quality books,
celebrating health
‚Äčand nature.

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